However, for a modest desktop system the s provide plenty of juice. See details for description of any imperfections. A look at the following pictures will tell you that Logitech kept it pretty straightforward with the s. Computer Headphones with Surround Sound. If you’re hunting for budget surround speakers, then these warrant a careful listen. All four satellites are identical: Get it by Wednesday, Jun 6 from Ypsilanti, Michigan.

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The cable scheme makes installation a breeze, though a picture board, a la Altec Lansing, would be helpful for newcomers.

Logitech Z – Comparison: Five and Speakers

The compact sealed enclosure houses a six-inch driver and the amplifier. Like the center, you can reverse the stand so that the speaker faces slightly downward. This cable is used to route controls, i. Subscribe to our newsletter. You have four satellite RCA outputs, one serial-type out for center sound and controlslogitech z 640 power cord, and a sub control.

The Speakers Page 4: Logitech z 640 played UT, NOLF2, and some Battlefield with the system and was constantly impressed by both the dynamics of the system and the power of the little sub. Logifech the other hand, if you’re looking for speakers that will double as a home theater system, again, like the s, then you should find something more powerful.

The Buyer’s Guide

All four satellites are identical: The logitecb was different with music. See all 2 new other listings. The only problem is that using the headphone jack while the speakers sits atop your monitor would be impractical. From the logitech z 640 of the center channel run two cords.

Logitech Z Subwoofer Mod

What is lacking, however, is some sort of adjustment for the bass and treble, and that’s a pity. A good supply of power and a solid sub go a long way in both cases. The M3D, or Matrix Surround Sound, is a system that in theory makes it possible logitech z 640 a sound card with only one stereo output to produce high-quality 3D surround sound, by channeling atmospheric and ambient sound to the rear satellites.

The power supply is entirely internal, so you don’t need any extra space at your wall plug logitechh there’s no ugly inline logitech z 640.

Additionally, busy midrange passages came out murky and inarticulate at times, especially when the system was pushed hard. logitech z 640

The highs were average-to-good and the lows were solid, but the mids suffered from peaks and valleys that made for a tunnel-like sound. While the overall sound of the s isn’t very natural, it’s easy on the ears and I think most people would get used logitech z 640 it and enjoy it quickly. Several manufacturers are aiming for this price range with their logitech z 640. Mine arrived at halfway, which, after some experimentation, seemed about right.

They use exactly the same design as their predecessors, both for the woofer and the satellite speakers.

I generally don’t like hardwiring, but you’re not going to upgrade cable on such a low priced system and the cables themselves are pretty thick. You may also like. The biggest problem with the s logitech z 640 an uneven midrange. Basically, logitech z 640 this is sort of a rule with entry-level multimedia speakers, the s are great with games and movies but have a harder time with music, especially complex music.

The “off” amount and percentage simply signifies the calculated difference between the seller-provided price for the item elsewhere and the seller’s price on eBay.

For games and movies the requirements are simply less demanding. The high-end stuff is nice to dream about, but most people logitecn afford such luxuries.

As for logitech z 640, the statistics have barely increased in relation to the Z – 5 x 5. For this reason, I simply placed it in front of my monitor and attenuated the signal slightly.

Logitech claims a bandwidth of 35 Hz through 20 KHz with a noise-to-signal ratio of better than 75 dB. Any Condition Any Condition.