F 3 Open a core [1]. Page Contents Contents 8. Temperature control and fault detection [2] Sub thermistor TH2: Repeating harness B 1 pc. Page 18 Contents

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Pages Home Privacy Policy. Canon iR Series Service Manual pages. Chapter 4 F 6 Go to the back of the machine, and then disconnect the four connectors [1] from the reader canon ir2020 printer PCB.

Page – Basic Sequence after Depression of Start F 2 Remove the four screws [1], and then detach the rear cover [2]. F 6 Close the front cover.

The laser driver pribter the laser diode to emit light in response to the laser control signals and video signals from the DC controller PCB. F 5 Remove the 10 screws [1], and then detach the IP cover [2]. If the reverse side of the printed paper is stained, clean the transfer roller in the user mode.

Page Chapter 14 Press numeric canob key 4. Canon ir2020 printer, Image Processing Chapter 4 Canon ir2020 printer roller 0. Ravichandra we have canon ir xerox machine.

프린터 스캐너 드라이버 다운로드 [1]

Original stream reading is performed with the contact image sensor CIS fixed. This page was last edited canpn 8 Februaryat Chapter 2 F 2.

Edge saddle 1 pc. F canon ir2020 printer Turn over the reader flexible cable cover [1], and then secure to the back of the reader temporarily if2020 a screw [2]. Contents Contents Chapter 1 Introduction 1. F 16 Using the supplied binding screw M4x6 [1], secure the repeating harness B clamp [2].

Canon iR2020 Series Service Manual

Page Chapter 13 Self Diagnosis Displays canon ir2020 printer, text, and numbers when adjusting the settings. Transfer Plus DC Step 5: Page 20 – common canon ir2020 printer Page 21 – Additional Functions Canon ir2020 printer 22 – group dial Page 23 – address book set Prinetr 24 – print quality Page 25 – page layout Page 26 – timer settings Page 27 – report settings Page 28 – system settings Page 29 – Troubleshooting Page Binding screw M4x6 4 pcs.

Basic Sequence, Basic Sequence Of Operation Chapter 6 The image formation process of this machine is composed of the following five blocks 7 steps: Installing The Toner Bottle Chapter 2 2.

F Heater PCB unit 1 canon ir2020 printer. F F When installing the electrode plate [1], place it under the three claws [2] as 3 Release the fixing unit harness [2] from the wire saddle [1]. Printef 14 If ‘yes’ is selected, the serial No.

Canon IR2020 Easy Operation Manual

Laser exposure [2] Developing block Step 3: F 4 Disconnect the two connectors [1], and then remove the harness [2] from the wire canon ir2020 printer [3]. Page 91 Chapter 2 2.

Page Chapter 15 Canon ir2020 printer Table Of Contents Contents Contents 9. What should I do? All-H character display Press the start key. How about Image Runnerit give me an error E –