There’s always a lot of toning on the white coated stock. I have no idea where this bloke got the ‘wonderful tech support’ from, though I assure you it is not Xante. Are there any paper feed issues to worry about? OKI C – C The printing firm I work for has one and it has given us nothing but trouble since day one. Secure online payment gateway. I have done nothing but stick money into this thing and when I can afford it we will say goodbye with a stick of dynamite.

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Errors and omissions excepted. If this machine breaks down I will be replacing it with another Xante.

Xante Illumina

When we thought at first we were xante ilumina 502 to have to use a service tech for the fuser, the tech promised he would be out the next morning even though later we didn’t need iluminna as we solved the prob ourselves.

Not worth the price tag at all.

I also use them for any type of 80 lb cover stock, xajte for coated. I wish I hadn’t purchased this machine. We’ve had it now xante ilumina 502 little over a year but to be honest we have only been able to get a decent print run for maybe two months off and on mind you within that year. There supplies are to high priced and they warrenty on drums xante ilumina 502. We had only one jam and it was due to operator error.

Now the machine has been printing flawlessly. There’s always a lot of toning on the white coated stock. I xante ilumina 502 express to you the amount of hate I have for this machine.

Repair the 10.10.00 Supply Memory Error on the HP 4240, 4250, and 4350

DocuColorxante ilumina 502, J75, C I guess the common answer to this is don’t buy it. Secure online xante ilumina 502 gateway. Epson Surecolor S, S, T These machines make a piece of plain old tag stock look great in color! WorkCentre, WorkCentre Pro, You should see the customers face when we say an hour and they say the last place said it would take days.

It went through fine. WorkCentre,,C, C, C Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Register Log in Shopping cart 0. WorkCentre, So we have purchased ac unit for the machine and a dehumidifier. Epson,, It is not a press so you have to treat it like a xante ilumina 502.

Offset Press Equipment from A-1, a Dealer of Offset Press Equipment

The printing firm I work for has one and it has given us nothing but trouble 5002 day one. Consumables will break the bank if this is your main xante ilumina 502 but make sure to set your blacks to Greyscale and reuse the toner waste drum as long as you can.

WorkCentre xantte, ; Phaser Xante ilumina 502, This would be great for a sign shop. I can reset any drum or belt, as for the toner just buy 3rd party. Online discounts when purchasing multiple items of same type.

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Support is apparently going to help us but we are unsure if it ever going to give us a good impression. Once you start resetting your drums and belts xante ilumina 502 machine is a profit machine, and xante ilumina 502 this you will start to understand your drums more and you yourself will be able to know when your drum is about to expire. Alternative for OEM Codes: Phaser, WorkCentre