Boot off-board chipsets first support. Generic input layer needed for keyboard,mouse This is a bus-powered device. But when you’re putting together embedded Linux systems, a USB peripheral controller option is routine; it’s often integrated into processors. Enable Video Mode Handling Helpers. Apple Cinema Display support. Support for tracing block io actions.

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Support for Large Single Files. Allow mmap of HPET.

Device Driver Support

Second extended fs support. Amanda backup protocol support. Support for binding and unbinding console drivers. Use full shmem filesystem. Please download the Company List and save as usb.

Net2280 pci usb Bus debugging messages. Source oci for all modules. The framework includes that API, some support software, and several drivers on each side of that API boundary, integrating well with other Linux subsystems.

IrDA infrared subsystem support. It a good base for integrating and re-using this type of driver code. Boot from EFI support.

Virtual Frame Buffer support. Normal floppy disk support. Main kernel source 2.

General Instruments Surfboard These devices are not designed for use with the net2280 pci usb stack, and are only to be used with host and hub specific tests. Virtual memory file system support former shm fs. Bug fixes, gadget drivers especially “class” driversand new Uzb device controller drivers will all be of interest.

UDF file system support. Compile the kernel with frame unwind information. Intermediate Functional Block support.

Transformation user configuration interface. Enable support for printk.

Linux USB Device Driver Support

JBD ext3 debugging support. Apple USB Touchpad support. After the firmware is loaded, the Uzb Compliance Device does not need to have a hard disk attached. The Net2280 pci usb host-side and peripheral-side driver stacks are directly analagous, except that only the host side net2280 pci usb a mid layer. Power Management Timer Support. No Forced Preemption Server.

Linux-USB Gadget API Framework

USB-IF testing must be done on one of these systems: This adapter works with USB 3. Some libusb based code at sf. Enable kernel irq balancing.

Connection tracking netlink interface. If you have any questions, please contact ssusbcompliance usb. Maximum number of TCQ commands per device.